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About the Houseboat Hirers Assocation

Formed in 1982 by a group of 11 houseboat owners from the lower Murray region, the Association now represents over 50 members and in excess of 70 commercial hire drive houseboats along the River Murray in South Australia from Murray Bridge to Renmark, and is the recognised houseboat industry body.

In the course of its daily business, the HHA shares constructive relationships with Government organisations in this state, has contact with, and, on behalf of it's membership, lobbies organisations positioned within the following state portfolios;

  • Consumer Affairs
  • Environment and Heritage
  • State and Local Government
  • Primary Industries
  • Water Resources
  • Transport
  • Tourism

In addition, the HHA serves a number of public policy groups  and offers on-going support to the Murray Darling Association.

Download our Power of HHA Membership fact sheet, to find out more about the HHA and the benefits of joining.

In part, the Objectives of the Association are:

  • To strengthen and formalise the houseboat industry with effective leadership and encourage the highest professional standards
  • To monitor and encourage co-operation, commitment, ethical conduct and excellence in service standards in order to achieve high levels of repeat business, beneficial to all members
  • To act as an industry voice to government and other bodies on issues effecting the houseboat industry as a whole
  • To market houseboating as a desirable holiday, and to increase visitor numbers and length of stay by engaging in promotions or publicity, focusing strategies on product strengths in a manner beneficial to all members
  • To set, maintain and monitor standards of hire houseboats
  • To raise the tourism industry awareness of the economic importance of hire houseboats in this state
  • To encourage houseboat owners and operators to achieve a fair return and remain a viable industry
  • To facilitate and encourage operators to share industry information for the advantage of all members
  • To secure to the members the advantage of unity of action in all matters affecting their common interests.

The Association merged with the Boating Industry Association which has offices in Adelaide, Sydney & Brisbane in 2015.